Nochichi – A new brand and communication media-creation model

Nochichi – A new brand and communication media-creation model

Nochichi – A new brand and communication media-creation model 584 639 Altavia Adventures

Nochichi, the content creation platform created in January 2021 by Matthieu Carillon, intends to establish itself as a fairly-priced, high-quality alternative targeting businesses that traditional agencies can no longer satisfy. A new model, discovered and supported by Altavia Adventures.

What was your background prior to creating Nochichi?

I started at Havas as a publicist before working at BBDO for several years. In 2015, I created the agency Refresh, which I sold onto Dragon Rouge, one of the largest French branding agencies, in 2017. I then became managing director of digital branding, a position I held for 4 years. At the end of 2020, I decided to embark on the creation of a new model: Nochichi.

How did this new entrepreneurial project come about?

The fact is that advertisers’ need for brand and content creation has never been so great, but at the same time they have never asked for so little help from traditional agencies. Why this disenchantment? The lack of adaptability and responsiveness of agencies and their very expensive fees, which are too often unclear. Advertisers’ preferred alternative is to use freelancers directly through dedicated platforms. A way of reducing costs and saving time. But finding good profiles is not easy and managing to coordinate them within the framework of a project can prove complicated. So I started thinking about another way of offering agency services and making it work, resulting in the launch of Nochichi January 2021.

Nochichi is designed to be simple, quick and efficient. What is this new format based on?

Nochichi is based on a hybrid model: the idea was to keep the consulting, project management and support aspects, which form the core of the solution and the business, but, in order to be able to offer more competitive rates, to draw on very senior-level – and very expensive – freelancers in phase 1 of a project while phase 2 is handed over to the 100% Nochichi junior-level creative profiles who are responsible for roll-out and implementation.

We use a flat fee payment model, with packages according to the client’s identified needs. In the branding sector, for example, a client can opt for the Logo package, the Logo + Naming package or the Logo + Naming + Identity package, and so on.

Nochichi currently comprises 2 project managers, 2 creatives, and yourself. 

Exactly. Not forgetting our network of senior-level freelancers and our partners, some of whom are shareholders, who work in video production, digital production, photography, etc.

Which businesses have already called on your services?

We work alongside start-ups that have raised capital, but also Tag Heuer, RTL Adconnect, the Moulin Rouge, France TV, etc. Our client portfolio is very diverse. Our goal in 2021 was to structure Nochichi, roll out solutions and test the model. In 2022, we will be concentrating on the acquisition of new clients. We need to test our model on a larger volume of projects and fully industrialise it to be able to continue to offer the fairest prices.

How does your partnership with Altavia work?

We work with several Altavia entities, such as Disko, Altavia Cosmic and Palace, in the Retail Design sector. The goal is to work in harmony and position Nochichi as an alternative choice to the usual model of group agencies.

We are delighted to welcome Nochichi into our portfolio. Nochichi offers an innovative alternative to traditional agency models and provides us a strategic insight into a completely reinvented business model.
Nochichi addresses a target audience that is complementary to Altavia Group customers’.”
 Altavia Adventures

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