Teeps : engage, activate, transform

Teeps : engage, activate, transform

Teeps : engage, activate, transform 2000 1333 Altavia Adventures

Teeps creates and manages Ambassador programmes for brands. A brand new concept, presented today by Sonia Zarowsky, who co-founded the startup along with Fabrice Berger-Duquene.

What are the Ambassadors’ tasks?

There are several types of activity:

  • First there are, personal product recommendations. For example, a very good customer of Décathlon or someone who is passionate about diving might recommend a personalised selection of equipment to a particular beginner who doesn’t know what sort of thing to go for. It might be an online recommendation but could also be offline, in which case the Ambassador and the customer would arrange to meet up at a sales outlet.
  • Ambassadors are also asked to produce content (photos, videos, tutorials…). Off on a diving trip to the Maldives? The Ambassador will take selfies under the water, will recommend the diving mask through his or her own social media, adding a link to the product sheet… Here, the aim will be to recruit new customers in the Ambassador’s circle, in the knowledge that he or she isn’t necessarily an influencer, with 10,000 followers. What is important here is to rebuild a relationship of trust, an authentic connection between the brand and the customer, using the Ambassador as the driver.
  • One of the objectives might also be to answer any questions that customers have on given subjects or to coach someone who could become an Ambassador.

What is the reward for each task that is accomplished?

The Ambassadors can exchange their points, which they collect in a kitty, for physical rewards (gifts), experiences (taking part in events) or vouchers.

In addition to the technological expertise used to provide Ambassadors with the platforms that they need to implement an Acquisition, Loyalty or Communication strategy, Teeps can also co-ordinate and motivate these Ambassadors …

Co-ordinating and motivating ambassadors can be very time-consuming for a brand and takes a particular expertise. We can take on this task, thanks to our dedicated team and send out a weekly newsletter for example, featuring brand news, new products or tips and training content to help the Ambassadors accomplish their tasks as successfully as possible. We are also in touch with the most active Ambassadors on an almost daily basis.

What other expertise does the startup offer? 

We grow communities on fertile ground provided by shared interests! Previously, brand content would all be delivered through what were essentially websites full of content; these days it needs to be on social media. For Aramisauto for example, we created the Facebook page “In the car, Simon”, to bring together car enthusiasts. The engagement rate of our communities is around 20%. The idea is to use the audiences and the data generated to reconnect with consumers online and give them the opportunity to become Ambassadors for our partners or generate traffic for them.

Who are your main clients? 

In addition to Aramisauto, we have also started projects with Kyriad Hotels and Bréal – from the Beaumanoir group -, Cosmétique Active and Sanoflore. We are about to start working with La Redoute, Cosmétique Active – a subsidiary of L’Oréal – in Spain and Germany and then there are others we can’t mention just yet… We are quite flexible in terms of industry; we can adapt to any sector! We could even envisage setting up schemes within companies that the employees themselves would be Ambassadors of.

What are your thoughts on the recent partnership with Altavia?

Teeps has developed a highly innovative solution, a new type of marketing advocacy based on consumers. Altavia customers should find this online and offline approach an interesting addition to traditional acquisition and loyalty solutions.

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